VIDEO: The Powell Brothers to headline University Drafthouse BeerFest

The Powell Brothers, Houston-based country band fronted by Taylor and Blake Powell, were on the road performing in West Texas when Hurricane Harvey hit home.

It took four days facing impenetrable roadways before making it anywhere near to their Kingwood resident. The Powells returned home to property damage that included the loss of their home studio, where they had been recording their upcoming five-song EP.

“… Thanks to airplanes, we were never more than a day away from our family in Houston,” the brothers posted on Facebook Aug. 29, reflecting on being flooded out while their family was stuck in their homes. “For the first time in our lives we can’t get to them. Everything inside of me is saying swim there if you have to.”

The Monitor last spoke to the Powell Brothers in February during a Facebook Live, where they performed a few songs before their Fiesta Edinburg show. We caught up with the brothers through spotty cell service, as all the towers in their area have yet to be restored.

“All the tile floor is being torn out of the house right now, which is why you can probably hear it in the background,” said Blake in a phone interview this week.

Because their recording space was lost to the flood, and brothers were forced to reassess the plan for their new music.

“We’re kind of having to start over,” Taylor said.

But the setback doesn’t faze them.

“I think it’s going to end up becoming something cooler. Our rebellion against losing our record is that we’re not doing a five-song EP anymore,” Blake said. “It was almost like a little sign from God that maybe we should cut a full-length (record).”

“That’s our ‘screw you Harvey’ thing.”

And the guys have a lot to be optimistic about. They recently performed the National Anthem at San Diego Padre’s Petco Park and at Globe Life Park in Arlington for the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers game.

Last week, the boys played at the State Fair of Texas, which they tabbed as a career highlight.

“Back in the day, we’d have a really fun show maybe two days a month and maybe some other stuff that just felt like work,” Taylor said. “And now it’s just a good time.”

“It’s just gotten so nuts that every week has been really fun lately.”

The brothers attribute their recent success to “years of grind, working and pushing forward,” Blake said. “We’re starting to get some traction. It took a lot of work and spinning those wheels before it really started taking.”

“We’re starting to see the fruits of the past couple years’ labor.”


You can catch the Powell Brothers on Saturday at the University Drafthouse Beerfest at the City Hall Courtyard in Edinburg.

“We love being there,” Taylor said. “Most of our favorite shows have been down (in the Valley).”

The spoke of positive memories about Valley shows, and how they also look forward to making the trip south.

“It was one of the first places that really embraced us,” Taylor said.

Tickets are $60 and can be purchased at