La Joya candidates hope to bring transparency

LA JOYA — Four people are running for two seats on the city council this November.

Vying for Place 1 are Reynaldo Acosta and Maria “Aurora” Ruiz while incumbent Maria “Mary” Salinas and Rosa “Rosie” Treviño are running for Place 3.

Ruiz and Treviño have teamed up to run as the Progress for La Joya political slate.

Treviño worked in the city for 14 years as finance director and utilities billing supervisor but left the city in 2013. Now she has a bookkeeping business.

Ruiz’s family own and operate Pete’s Muffler Shop which she said they’ve run for 35 years.

From her experience working for the city, Trevino said she’s seen how it’s changed over the years to the point where there’s little open communication with the public.

Ruiz said the city needs more businesses and is concerned with the lack of a recreation center for young people and that the city swimming pool had been closed for two years.

“We need more revenue coming into our city, more money,” she said, “because I think that would be the only (way) our city could provide more for our community.”

Acosta and Salinas are running mates but neither responded to requests for an interview.

Salinas, the only incumbent running, is wife to Mayor Jose “Fito” Salinas. Treviño said she was concerned with family members serving on the same council.

“It doesn’t have the diversity of opinions that we would like to have as a city council,” she said.

Treviño added that they wanted to be transparent and wanted to be able to answer questions from people in the community.

“We want to have an open door for anybody and everybody in the community,” Ruiz said. “We want them to be more involved with us.”