County auditor confirms investigation into Starr commissioner

RIO GRANDE CITY — Starr County Auditor Boyd Carter has confirmed he tapped the county special crimes unit to investigate Commissioner Eloy Garza.

Though he confirmed initial reports that he asked the unit to investigate the Precinct 3 county commissioner, Carter declined on Thursday to comment further saying that he wished to preserve the integrity of the county.

The unit is looking into a lease-purchase agreement with Doggett Equipment Services for $683,000. Garza said the issue involved paperwork that neither he nor the county judge “signed properly.”

County Judge Eloy Vera said Wednesday that he was not familiar with the details of the investigation. He also said he could not specifically recall whether he had signed any documents dealing with the agreement with Doggett, given that he signs many things throughout the day.

The agreement, Garza said, was for the purchase of two loaders and as many motor graders. The subsequent investigation, he said, was politically motivated because of budget cuts the commissioners had recently approved by a 3 to 2 vote. Garza was one of the commissioners who voted in favor of the cuts.