Suspect wanted in murder of human rights activist dies during shootout

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tam. — Juan Antonio or Juan Manuel Alvarado López, aka “Alushe,” who was wanted in the killing of human rights activist Miriam Elizabeth Rodríguez Martinez died Sunday after investigators tried to apprehend him in San Fernando, according to State Investigators.

Alvarado López was assaulted by the officers who had a warrant for his arrest. There was a shootout between officers and Alvarado López, who died at the scene, according to a press release from the Procuraduria General de Justicia in Tamaulipas. No information was provided on his cause of death.

During the raid, police officers and investigators captured four other members of a criminal group, alleged to have engaged in kidnapping and extortion cases.

Gustavo “N,” a member of the group, was in the vicinity of the shootout and injured.

Maria Inés “N,” Francisco “N” and Valdemar Guadalupe “N” were also detained in a house located on the corner Miguel Hidalgo and Canales in San Fernando. Alvarado López was one of four people involved with the homicide of Rodríguez Martinez on May 10.

Rodríguez Martinez, who lived in San Fernando, was a human rights activist who investigated and solved her own daughter’s kidnapping and murder in 2012.

Alleged murderers, Edwin Alain “N” and Alfredo Misael “N” were also detained in May and June, respectively. Erick Leonel “N” is still on the run and there is a million pesos reward for information that could lead to his apprehension, according to the press release.

The detainees, including the injured, were turned over to the Prosecutor’s Office along with weapons found at the scene, a vehicle and marijuana, the press release stated.