LETTERS: On taking a knee and McAllen’s $1M payment to UTRGV

Taking a knee and real heroes explained

This NFL controversy of taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem has gotten way out of hand! The players have stated their two-fold purpose of their actions to get the country’s attention: First to the well-documented incidences of white police officers killing young black men, and secondly, is the racial discrimination that still exists more than a century after the Civil War! I feel confident to say that everyone, at least once, has witnessed where a black person has been discriminated.

President Donald Trump has made many comments about the NFL players and has voiced the action he would have taken for players taking a knee. The president has said that by them taking a knee they are disrespecting the flag, our military and our anthem. Trump swore to protect and defend the Constitution, which gives the right of assembly and the freedom of speech that the players are exercising to bring attention to their cause.

Trump has been quick to rail against the players, which is clearly directed toward his base but as far as disrespecting our military he is guilty far more than the players! He was asked, his opinion, whether U.S. Sen. John McCain was a hero, and he said he “likes people that were not captured.” He also disrespected the parents of Capt. Humuyan Khan, who was killed in Iraq by a suicide bomber at a check point. A taxi sped toward the check point and Capt. Khan stepped in front to stop it as the taxi exploded, killing him but saving his men. When Khan’s father spoke during the Democratic Convention, Trump ridiculed them because Khan’s mother did not speak, he said, because customs toward women in the Middle East do not allow them to speak. However, the father, explained it was still too hard for her to speak about her son’s death.

These examples from the president are far more egregious examples of disrespecting our military than the NFL players taking a knee! I am submitting this as my right as an American citizen to exercise my freedom of speech.

Manolo Garibay, Mission

McAllen’s $1M payment to UTRGV

On Wednesday, the City of McAllen payed $1 million to the UTRGV School of Medicine. Now McAllen Mayor Jim Darling is raising the possibility of a 2018 proposition to establish a UTRGV Medical School District. If the property owners of Hidalgo County have to fund the UTRGV medical school, it would be an unfunded mandate. Hidalgo County voters have twice shot down a hospital district and healthcare district. What is it about “no” they don’t understand? We are one of the poorest counties in the state with one of the highest property tax rates. Maybe incumbents need to be replaced?

Jim Barnes, president, McAllen Tea Party

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