Edinburg to consider tax cut

EDINBURG — Residents here might soon get some tax relief.

Edinburg council members will consider a 3-cent reduction in the tax rate for the upcoming fiscal year. The move comes a few months before city elections begin and after a series of black eyes for the city.

Council member J.R. Betancourt, who is up for re-election in November, is being credited with spearheading the potential tax decrease in a news release from the city.

“J.R. Betancourt, who placed the item on the agenda, says the city has fared well and should give back to the community,” the release states.

Edinburg’s tax rate has remained untouched for over two decades, idling at 63-and-half cents per $100 valuation.

Betancourt said there are eight new additions to the tax roll that should help bring in additional revenue to the general fund. He also believes “there are areas where staff can trim here and there to make the decrease happen.”

“I think it’s a token of all of us here to give back to the citizens of Edinburg who have entrusted us in being a steward of their tax dollars all these years,” he said in the prepared statement.