Rio Grande City school teacher sues Vipers

The Rio Grande Valley Vipers are being sued by a Ringgold Middle School teacher from Rio Grande City.

Jose Solis told Houston’s KHOU 11 News he filed a lawsuit Friday after he said he was never awarded the vehicle he was promised for winning a halftime contest during a Vipers game on Jan. 23 at State Farm Arena.

Solis said he was approached before the game to take part in the contest that could win him a new Jaguar.

Solis made a 3-point shot and halfcourt shot to win the contest. But he never received the car, and was told by the Jaguar car dealership involved with the promotion that he was supposed to make the shots in two shots, not the many attempts it took.

The Jaguar dealership is not listed in the lawsuit.

The Houston station reported that the Vipers’ public address announcer said Solis had 60 seconds to make the shots.

Ten months later, Solis, who was offered by the Vipers season tickets for the Houston Rockets and a two-year lease of the car, is accusing the Vipers of breach of contract and fraud.

“The Vipers and Mr. Solis entered into an oral contract that they have reneged for whatever reason, we’ll soon find out, and we are asking them to step to the line and honor their agreement,” Solis’ attorney Jeffrey Stern told the Houston station.

Vipers president Bert Garcia said he was surprised by the action taken

“We’re going to have to get our legal team together,” Garcia said Saturday afternoon. “I think it’s a strategic plan they have, 10 months after the fact.

“I thought it had been somewhat settled, but there had been ongoing threats by their parties, and now we have to have legal action take its course.”

Garcia said he had yet to be served the lawsuit, so he didn’t have all the facts on hand.

He offered no further comment.