It's pretty apparent there isn't going to be any hockey at State Farm Arena this season but that doesn't mean the sport is dead to Hidalgo.

"We're working on stuff," Eric Blockie said Tuesday.

It doesn't sound like anything is impending in terms of announcements. Besides, even if something is impending, it's probably a good idea for Blockie and anybody else not to say so, considering the false dawns of this ever-so-long offseason.

Blockie didn't say if there's any timetable for an agreement.

--- If you follow me on Twitter (which you really should be doing), you'd know I attended the RGV Flash's game Sunday in Hidalgo.

Other than how surprised I was that I enjoyed the game, it got me thinking about how the Flash's presence might affect any negotiations to bring hockey back.

I thought that the arrival of the Flash - who will have 16 home games in two leagues - would give State Farm Arena an even stronger negotiating position with prospective hockey tenants. After all, those 16 home games eat up a chunk of the games hockey would have, and indoor soccer is much cheaper to operate than hockey, considering there is no need for ice.

Blockie, however, said the Flash don't impact any hockey negotiations.

"The Flash is its own thing just like the Vipers are their own thing just like hockey is its own thing," Blockie said. "I don't think any of them help or not help the other, so. They're all like little islands, other than cross-marketing them all.

"One doesn't affect the other I don't think."

--- I was glad to see the Frio Grande Valley Ice Center is still doing well without the Killer Bees.

--- Hey, I'm still doing Movember. There's still time to donate to my mustache, which is coming in well.

--- As you've noticed (or not) I haven't blogged a bunch recently. There hasn't really been much to talk about other than my random musings. Because of the new format of the blog - which is just a glorified page on our website and not independent - I didn't want to clog anything up with my randomness.

I'll definitely have another blog entry this week and quite possibly two.