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LETTERS: Political races and Monitor investigation

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Posted: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 12:00 am


Many people have said that Pharr has changed dramatically in the last five years. I think that a lot of changes can be attributed to Eddie Cantu and the rest of the Pharr City Commission. He has never been one to take credit. But in my opinion, Eddie Cantu deserves some credit for decisions that have been made in Pharr, including:

1. Reversing Pharr’s $6 million negative fund balance into a positive fund balance in less than one year;

2. Bringing Costco to the area, which brought credibility to Pharr and lead to the demolition and construction of a new El Centro Mall;

3. Improving some of the major roads in Pharr including Sugar Road, Hall Acres Road and Las Milpas Road, to name a few.

Cantu’s track record clearly shows that he is the best person to be our next Hidalgo County commissioner for Precinct 2.

Esmeralda Casanova, Pharr


On April 21, 1960, the innocence of the Rio Grande Valley died when Irene Garza was brutally murdered.

On Nov. 3, 2003, our family, friends and law enforcement officers gathered for a candlelight vigil in the park in front of the Hidalgo County Courthouse. It was the weekend of “el dia de los muertos” — a solemn and respectful time of remembrance that celebrates the life of our departed. The purpose was to honor and remember Irene’s life and to plead for justice from Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra. We had endured his taunts in the media. Yet he said, “it’s an old case with old people” and he would not pursue justice unless “pigs fly.” He said in the newspaper that very day, “the public has long forgotten this case.” In essence he said that no one cared. But really, it was he who didn’t care. We cared.

We were there through the days of terror before her body was found; through the days of sorrow after her death; through the days of hope that her killer would come to justice; and through the years that followed of dismay and frustration with the district attorney. We have cared for 53 years. We have been pained for 53 years, and we have been patient for 53 years.

Even after 34 years of Rene Guerra’s rule as DA of Hidalgo County, we care about justice for Irene Garza. We care about violence against women. We care that those from the highest to the lowest stations in life receive the same equal dignity and attention that is merited by our legal system. I do not believe that Guerra cares.

Because we care, I ask my friends, family, and citizens of Hidalgo County to cast your vote for Judge Ricardo Rodriguez for district attorney. Judge Rodriguez cares!

Dr. Lynda Y. de la Viña, Edinburg


The hue and cry of local politicos appears to be: “Others did it, so it’s alright for me to do it. Why should anyone care if we steal a little? If we get greedy it won’t hurt anyone.”

Well it does hurt, even if it is $1. Theft here is so overwhelming that the average citizen can’t keep up with the amounts that go missing. It is so bad in South Texas that local media can’t report on all that is going on.

Greg Abbott called the Rio Grande Valley similar to a “third-world nation.” For this, every politico south of San Antonio is screaming foul and saying how dare he point a finger at us. They think just because all their relatives are on different government payrolls doesn’t mean this is wrong. They think because they got elected they have certain perks that go along with the office.

Enough already. Let’s look at crime as compared to the rest of Texas; the RGV is no different from the rest of Texas except in the amount of corruption present. Name a county in the RGV that has not had a sheriff sent to prison. A great amount of TV news is devoted to reporting corruption of elected county, city and school board members. Hidalgo County has had its county judge and two commissioners and several county employees indicted for corruption at one time. Why would anyone think people mistrust our elected officials? Could it be because a candidate runs for a non-paying office and spends $15,000 to $20,000 on their campaign? Why would anyone question the candidates’ motives? Everyone knows that civic duty costs a lot and it is worth it to be able, for example, to sit on a school board and take the heat that comes with public office. Isn’t it wonderful to have so many civic-minded citizens to do these thankless jobs and spend these sums of money in order to do it? Take a look at all that is happening in the City of Progreso!

Read the daily paper; listen to the nightly local news and count the number of stories about local corruption. If one still thinks Abbott is way out of line then stick your head back in the sand and let the corruption roll.

Jim Evins, Edinburg


Kudos to Sandra Sanchez for her Feb. 9 analysis piece on Integ Corp., “A matter of Integrity — How could Hidalgo County pay Integ Corp. $3.73M?”

The article was so well written and enthralling. My husband and I couldn’t put it down and we both sat around discussed how suspicious the whole thing seems to be. But it was such a fascinating piece and we both feel so well informed. It had been some time since I had read an article that captivated me as much as this did. I will definitely keep an eye out for more of her articles.

Patty Colunga, McAllen

EDITOR’S NOTE: Letters relating to this year’s primary election must be received by noon Wednesday, Feb. 26. Letters received after the deadline will not be published.

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